Better Off Undead
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Adventures In Book-getting, Glitch Edition


I got zero words written on any project yesterday, but it was for a good reason. Preparing for Rhode Island ComiCon. I unpacked all my books, got my cards into them, took inventory, tested swag setup. But then, I hit a hiccup. Every single copy of Better Off Undead looks like MissingNo Pokemon. Gotta catch em all some time, I guess.

Apparently, the file got corrupted going from the CreateSpace website to the printer, and green for that last third didn’t get printed. I called them and the tech team is quadruple checking the file in order to make sure the 15 replacement copies they send print correctly. Will they get here in time for ComiCon on Friday? I’ve got no idea. They’re awesome for replacing these, though!

Looks like I have 15 new souls for the Island of Discounted Misprint Books. Poor Lane. It’s just his luck for something like this to happen with the book he stars in.


D.R. Perry lives in Rhode Island and attends Dragon Con each year. She is also a member of the Association of Rhode Island Authors (ARIA).

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