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Back In The Salad Again

You know how people say they’ve been “out of it” for a period of time? Well, I’ve been out of practically everything since the beginning of the year. February, March, and April are a sea of lost months, with doctor appointments rising up like little islands along the way.

I’m feeling a bit better now so I’m back to writing a new series set in the Providence Paranormal College Universe. If you want to catch up or refresh your memory, start with Bearly Awake or find the whole series here.

I’ll be at Misti-Con from in Tarrytown, NY at the end of July and then Dragon Con on Labor Day Weekend. Find me and say hello if you’re going to either of those. I’m hoping to have the first book in the new series out sometime in early September so it’ll be a busy couple of months.

They call this “back in the saddle,” but since I’m hoping for some salad days and I always like a good play on words, I’ll call this whole exercise getting “back in the salad.”

Of course, everybody knows you don’t win friends with salad. So here’s a song for you, Anywhere by King Missile. I know the album cover image says Parental Advisory but this particular song is safe for work.

D.R. Perry lives in Rhode Island and attends Dragon Con each year. She is also a member of the Association of Rhode Island Authors (ARIA).

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