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Cannonball 2018!


As I stand here shivering on the diving board that is the last day of 2017, I hang ten off the edge. It’s almost time to make as big a splash as I can but before that happens, I’ll take a breath and remember everything that 2017 had to offer.

Over the winter and for much of the spring, I struggled with a mystery illness. We still haven’t pinned it all down but the worst symptoms have been medicated. If you saw me at an event and I fell on my hiney, that’s why. I hope I can maintain my balance when it’s most important, though. This still-mysterious illness hasn’t just dumped me on my butt, it’s kicked it into higher gear. If I have to put my bum in a chair, might as well write while I’m there, right?

Two amazing events bookended my summer; Awesomecon and Dragon Con. I met some of the best writers I know and learned loads from them. A Change In Crime got shortlisted for a Dragon Award and am privileged to say that I lost to Harry Turtledove himself. Maybe I’ll get a rematch in 2018 with Wiser Guys. The ballot is already out, so who knows? (I nominated E.A. Copen’s Beasts of Babylon in Horror, R.R. Virdi’s Grave Dealings in Fantasy.)

Providence Paranormal College is a wrap. As soon as everything’s polished and covered, expect book 10, Kindle bundles of books 1-5 and 6-10, and intermission short stories. I’ll take a break from the PPC universe after that to work on other projects but might go back to visit them later on.

The Doctor took a huge leap of faith in this year’s Christmas Special, moving on to experience time and the universe in a completely new way. I’ll leave this year with his words: Laugh hard, run fast, be kind.

Thank you for sharing some of your time with me in 2017. Now, let’s all cannonball down off this diving board. It’s getting cold out here.

D.R. Perry lives in Rhode Island and attends Dragon Con each year. She is also a member of the Association of Rhode Island Authors (ARIA).

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