• Updates for Spring 2019

    I wrote a new forward and have a new cover on my very first book to celebrate its three-year book-birthday. Perry has given Bearly Awake a sock! Bearly Awake is FREE! It’s also number two in its free category on Amazon so if you haven’t gotten it yet your download just might bump it up to number one! Get it by clicking the sock picture. Yeah, I made a Potter reference about a book with a ton of Star Wars references. What else is new? Actually, quite a bit. I’ve been wrestling with my cases of chronic migraine and the still mysterious dizziness. It’s slowing me down to paces below…

  • Video Time!

    I’m posting the 2018 ARIA Expo panels over the next couple of days. First, have a look at the panel I moderated, No Bad Romance. The lovely Romance authors here are Christine DePetrillo, Laurel Ostiguy, and Regina Andrews.

  • Stardust, Always

    Events Of Certain Fun!

    Hello everyone! I’ll be at the RI Author Expo being exposed. Oh! Well, that didn’t come out the way I thought it’d sound… Hmm. Anyway, I’ll have copies of all my books with me and a pen for signing. Books make great gifts. You can even chat about geekness, or ask me questions about characters and stories. If you’re not anywhere near Rhode Island, or just want to stay at home in your pajamas all day, you’re in luck because I’m making a Facebook appearance as well. Writer’s Colony Press, the folks who format and publish all those awesome charity anthologies, have me on at 9PM EST. Other authors will be there, too.…

  • I’m Going To ComiCon!

    Comicon! In Rhode Island! I will be there! So, I guess I’d better show you all what I’ll have and how to find me. I’ll have all the books in the gallery below, plus handy links for you to get ebooks, other volumes, or anything I run out of. There will be some PPC swag as well as the Island of Misprint Books at a discount.         I should also mention that I’m going in costume. I won’t say much more about that because some Rivers shouldn’t be crossed. I’ll be there with other Rhode Island authors. Check them out, because they’re a great bunch of writers. Worried about how…

  • The Longest Night Watch

    Live Event! The Longest Day in Warwick, RI

    Monday, June 20th is the longest day of the year. It’s also #TheLongestDay, a 12-hour charity event where my team, The Night Watchmen, does a write-a-thon. But I’m not just writing that day. I’ll be at the Warwick, Rhode Island Barnes and Noble from 2pm-3pm with copies of The Longest Night Watch Anthology. The local Alzheimer’s Association chapter is having a day-long event, and I get to be a part of it! I’m so excited to do more to help #EndALZ Here’s my donation page, in case you want to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s. And here’s a link to the anthology, so you can get either an ebook or paperback version…

  • Farmer's Market, Baby

    Live, From North Scituate, It’s…Saturday Morning!

    Going to the country, Gonna meet a lot of authors Going to the country Gonna meet a lot of authors. Ahem. Well, I sure am glad authors don’t come from a can and were put there by a man in a factory downtown. Sounds pretty uncomfortable and not my kind of party. At. All. But the North Scituate Farmer’s Market isn’t remotely like being inside a can. It’s nice and open, no need for a can opener. It even has a gazebo, though I recommend bringing friends if you plan to face it. No one should face the gazebo alone. Anyway, if you’re in Rhode Island this Saturday morning, why not get…

  • Support The Fort

    Meet Me At Support The Fort

    Tomorrow morning, I’ll be hosting for an hour to benefit the Canadian Red Cross in its efforts to help the people of Alberta. I’ll be taking over at 10am EST. Join me for an hour of fun book chat and stick around for the other authors, including E.A. Copen, J.D. Cunegan, and Carol Ann King!

  • Book Fanatics

    Book Fanatics Event

    Hello, folks! I’ll be hosting for an hour today, Saturday the 14th for the Book Fanatics Facebook page. Come on down, listen to some music, and play some games. You’ll have chances to win ebook prizes and hear an announcement about PPC book 3. Head over here to check out posts by last night’s hosts.

  • April 16 Release Party

    Fight For Your Right to Release Party!

    I’ll be following the hardest act ever when I host the Indie Author Mega Release Party set up by Zanzibar 7. Schwarzenegger on April 16. Yes, that’s right. I’ve been slated right after the author of the amazing Paranormal Detective story, Grave Beginnings, the Otter Prince himself, R.R. Virdi. Maybe it’s an initials author thing, I don’t know. Anyway. I can still even anymore, so it’s all good. This event is online on Facebook, happening all day. It starts at 10 AM EST, and I’m on at 11 AM, same bat time-zone. I have some big announcements planned for the Providence Paranormal series, so if you show up you will…