• Back In The Salad Again

    You know how people say they’ve been “out of it” for a period of time? Well, I’ve been out of practically everything since the beginning of the year. February, March, and April are a sea of lost months, with doctor appointments rising up like little islands along the way. I’m feeling a bit better now so I’m back to writing a new series set in the Providence Paranormal College Universe. If you want to catch up or refresh your memory, start with Bearly Awake or find the whole series here. I’ll be at Misti-Con from in Tarrytown, NY at the end of July and then Dragon Con on Labor Day Weekend. Find me…

  • Autumn Authors: Kyleen Valleaux

    Today, I’m interviewing an author who has quite a bit in common with me. She’s got a wicked awesome sense of humor, loves doggies, can’t live without music, and her muse moves on liquid fuel. Give it up for Kyleen Valleaux! Here’s a bit about her.  Kyleen is a Michigan native and telecommunications veteran. She has been writing since the age of twelve, often forgoing homework for either reading the latest Anne McCaffery novel or penning her original stories. (Said stories are locked in a trunk in her bedroom, never to see the light of day.) She was highly active in the early online Elfquest Community and helped found two round-robin writing…

  • You Need a Proofreader

    Friendly Neighborhood Friday with Keri Rozansky

    Today’s interview is with Keri Rozansky, who knows exactly what to do when your draft hands you melons that look like this one. She’s the woman behind Blank Page Writing, an editing company. Here’s a bit about her. Keri Rozansky tailors her services to the client’s needs. She has a rich and varied experience in writing and editing English language pieces. For over 20 years she has been writing everything from short stories to blog posts and news articles, to full-length manuscripts. As an editor she has worked on blog posts, news articles, and both fiction and non-fiction full-length manuscripts. Keri holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Language from Grand Valley…

  • Ellie Mack Editor

    Friendly Neighborhood Friday: Edited By Ellie Mack

    Yes, my friends. When writers draft, we need to do the above. Not only that, but we need more people to look at our words and edit. All. The. Words. But editors only have so much time, and none of those blue boxes which are bigger on the inside (although if you know of a Timelord Editors, I would love to interview them). Anyway, because of the limitations on the time-space continuum, it’s a good thing multiple people have decided to offer editing services. Especially people like Ellie Mack, who I just interviewed! Here’s a little bit about Ellie. Ellie Mack received her BS in cartography from Southeast Missouri State…

  • Princess of Undersea

    Summer Splash Interview: Leslie Conzatti

        Hey, bloglet fans, here’s the first interview for the tour. Welcome, Leslie Conzatti! Have a look at this gorgeous cover for one of her works right here. Leslie Conzatti is an avid reader, a passionate writer, and a committed lover of all things fantasy. A native of the Pacific Northwest, she has been running the blog “The Upstream Writer” since the beginning of 2013, to promote her own writing and as a medium for interacting with readers. In addition, “The Upstream Writer” is an “indie book blog” as well, since Leslie willingly uses it as an excuse to get free books. (to review, of course!) Leslie’s “day job” is a staff…

  • Lucy, You’ve Got Some Reading To Do!

    I’m so excited to read both of these! The one on the left is the Stardust, Always anthology to benefit St. Jude’s Research. The one on the right is the first book of The Portal Prophecies by C.A. King. Click the pictures to find these books for yourself, in either paperback or ebook format! While I read, I plan to listen to some music by this amazing fellow.

  • Farmer's Market, Baby

    Live, From North Scituate, It’s…Saturday Morning!

    Going to the country, Gonna meet a lot of authors Going to the country Gonna meet a lot of authors. Ahem. Well, I sure am glad authors don’t come from a can and were put there by a man in a factory downtown. Sounds pretty uncomfortable and not my kind of party. At. All. But the North Scituate Farmer’s Market isn’t remotely like being inside a can. It’s nice and open, no need for a can opener. It even has a gazebo, though I recommend bringing friends if you plan to face it. No one should face the gazebo alone. Anyway, if you’re in Rhode Island this Saturday morning, why not get…

  • Book Fanatics

    Book Fanatics Event

    Hello, folks! I’ll be hosting for an hour today, Saturday the 14th for the Book Fanatics Facebook page. Come on down, listen to some music, and play some games. You’ll have chances to win ebook prizes and hear an announcement about PPC book 3. Head over here to check out posts by last night’s hosts.

  • Real Characters Fantastic Worlds

    Welcome to My Bloglet

    I think you’re gonna like it. I think you’re gonna feel you belong. -Alice Cooper   Excuse me for bursting into song there. It’s something I do from time to time. Okay, maybe a little more frequently than that. And I change the words. You can blame Weird Al, but really my grandma was responsible for this habit of mine. You’re lucky I didn’t decide to pursue a career as a popular music parodist. Instead, I wrote some novels. They’re a little bit silly, a little spooky, but mostly fun. They say novelists should have websites and so here’s mine. There’s a front page where I post links to my…