I wrote a new forward and have a new cover on my very first book to celebrate its three-year book-birthday.

Perry has given Bearly Awake a sock! Bearly Awake is FREE! It’s also number two in its free category on Amazon so if you haven’t gotten it yet your download just might bump it up to number one! Get it by clicking the sock picture.

Yeah, I made a Potter reference about a book with a ton of Star Wars references. What else is new?

Actually, quite a bit.

I’ve been wrestling with my cases of chronic migraine and the still mysterious dizziness. It’s slowing me down to paces below what I’m used to but not stopping me completely. In fact, I’m looking forward to ConCarolinas at the end of the month.

I’m heading down to Charlotte, NC on May 31st for the convention, where you’ll find me on panels, at an AMA, doing a reading and a signing. My husband and cover designer will be with me this time, too.

You can check my schedule by clicking the lovely image from ConCarolinas.

Because my bag space is limited for this trip, here’s a link to my order form. If you’d prefer, paperbacks are on B&N or Amazon. I’m happy to sign those, too.