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Winter Writers: Andrew D. Michaels


This week’s Winter Writer is Andrew D. Michaels! We’re going to get some bonus questions and answers from Andrew this week, but here’s a bit about him in his own words.

I write mostly horror/fantasy stories but I dabble into most other genres. My main project at the moment is the Black Bridge series and the Whispers of Dragons series.

Andrew also invited you all to ask him questions in the comments below his interview. Awesome! Oh, and he just got a shiny new cover. Check it out!


D.P.- What’s your favorite song for writing?
ADM- Just about anything by Nox Arcana or Midnight Syndicate. After years of listening to them when I was writing for campaign stories for various Dungeons and Dragons games, it’s stuck with me and helps me think without getting distracted or lost in the music.

D.P.- What’s your favorite song for editing?
ADM- Lindsey Stirling or Peter Hollens. I have a youtube playlist and I swear by it.

D.P.- What’s your favorite song for reading?
ADM- This is where music is distracting for me so I tend not to play anything while reading. I get absorbed and immersed in reading and it’s like watching a movie happen in my mind and music can take away from that.

D.P.- Do you have a writing routine?
ADM- Yes, but 90 percent of it is procrastination and whining about my procrastination. It’s a miracle I get anything done to be honest haha!

D.P.- Dancing or singing?
ADM- Singing. Singing along to songs is a lot easier for me to do rather than dancing to them.

D.P.- Beach or woods?
ADM- Oh, definitely the woods. Especially if there’s a little cabin and a lake involved. Total. Paradise.

D.P.- Coffee or tea or something else?
ADM- Depends on what time it is, what I’m doing, and how recently I’ve been to the store. Haha! My go-to is milk or those fizzy clear fruit drinks at Walmart.

D.P.- Share a guilty pleasure with us.
ADM- I have to admit that I’m a total sucker for spaghettios. I will never be tired of them for as long as I live.

D.P.- Cake or pie?
ADM- Does cheesecake count? Because totally cheesecake.

D.P.- Breakfast, brunch, or lunch?
ADM- All, and add dinner and desert. I’ll even cook. 😉

D.P.- Who is your favorite TV or movie character and why?
ADM- I would have to say Christopher Eccleston playing the Ninth Doctor. Just his attitude, sarcasm, and general shenanigans really speak to me on another level. Plus I tend to be a sarcastic ass as much as he does. Haha!

D.P.- Who is your favorite animated character and why?
ADM- You would ask the hard questions. There are so many to choose from for a plethora of reasons. Although, there are a few shows that I go back to over and over again. Like Rurouni Kenshin, Tactics, and Gunslinger Girl.

D.P.- Who is your favorite character of all time and why?
ADM- Doctor Who. His many regenerations each can be related to the many sides of my mind, and I think that a lot of people can relate to that. Because whether it’s rainy, sunny, or the end of the world, there’s always a reason to smile and hug your friend.

D.P.- What’s the scariest thing your villain of choice has done?
ADM- Now that would be spoiling things….

D.P.- What’s the funniest book you’ve read and why?
ADM- I do love me some Captain Underpants or Calvin and Hobbes

D.P.- What’s the food or drink you always tell other people to try?
ADM- Whatever I’ve cooked at the time. My favorite things to make are the three meat spaghetti and my mom’s empanadas. (Argentine meat pies)

D.P.- What book do you recommend the most?
ADM- Demons don’t dream by Piers Anthony. That man is the very reason that I got into roleplay gaming and writing in the first place.

D.P.- Where is the one place you think everyone should go?
ADM- Bed. There is no more glorious a place after a long day than a warm and comfy bed. Especially if you have someone to cuddle with. Cuddles just make things that much better.

D.P.- Who is one person you’d like to meet from any point in history and why?
ADM- I’d really love to meet Zora Arkus-Duntov, and talk with him about his work with Chevrolet in developing the Corvette into the amazing legend that it has become today.

D.P.- How do you get ideas for stories?
ADM- Mostly random thought process. I’ll entertain tangent ideas and some of them develop into concepts so I’ll make notes, and if it takes off from there, then I’m off to work haha!

D.P.- Which genres do you write and what’s your favorite one?
ADM- I write along the lines of Horror/Fantasy because of how the stories feel when I write them. They feel comfy and confident to me, so that tends to be my usual. However, I have dabbled into others such as Romance, Sci-Fi, and Mystery, just to have a little variety.

D.P.- What do you do if you see your idea has already been done?
ADM- I take the concept down to the bare bones and see if there’s a way to make it mine. There isn’t much that completely original anymore, so it’s hard. But that doesn’t mean it never happens.

D.P.- What’s the most unexpected thing that’s ever inspired you?
ADM- Ever heard a random conversation that’s completely out of context? Yeah. Those can be writing GOLD when you are trying for new ideas. (This does not mean I participate or condone eavesdropping for the record)

D.P.- What’s your best writer’s block buster?
ADM- Procrastination. Sometimes leaving something and taking a break can give you a chance to reload and tackle the story with a fresh start.

D.P.- What’s the best advice you’ve gotten about writing?
ADM- There are three kinds of hard for a writer:
1. Starting a story
2. editing said story
3. FINISHING said story

D.P.- Tell me about the biggest surprise your own character, story, or setting has given you.
ADM- I’m surprised every day with all of them. The development is so strong the story is carrying on with a life of its own. I just hope to keep up well enough that I can get it on paper for people o enjoy the ride along with me.

D.P.- Tell us about your plans or ideas for a new-to-you genre in the future.
ADM- Well mostly I just want to see how the Black Bridge turns out, but I’m also looking at another story that may or may not develop into a series. Either way, I’ll not be out of work as far as stories go. Haha!

Thank you so much to D. R. Perry for this wonderful opportunity to answer some questions and feel free to ask your own as well! I love hearing from readers!

D.R. Perry lives in Rhode Island and attends Dragon Con each year. She is also a member of the Association of Rhode Island Authors (ARIA).

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