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Winter Writers: R.R. Virdi


OMG, I have a Dragon Award Nominee on my blog! This is amazeballs! His hair is bigger and more awesome than mine. And what better interviewee for Winter Writers than a guy who has just released book one in a series called The Books of Winter? No better, that’s what! Okay, so here’s a bit about Mr. Virdi for those who don’t already know.

R.R. Virdi is the Dragon Award—Nominated author of The Grave Report, a paranormal investigator series set in the great state of New York. He has worked in the automotive industry as a mechanic, retail, and in the custom gaming computer world. He’s an avid car nut with a special love for American classics.

There are rumors that he wanders the streets of his neighborhood in the dead of night dressed in a Jedi robe and teal fuzzy slippers, no one knows why. Other such rumors mention how he is a professional hair whisperer in his spare time. We don’t know what that is either.

You can sign up as a minion and read stories at R.R. Virdi’s website, and follow him on Twitter.


D.P- What’s your favorite song for writing?
R.V.- I don’t listen to songs per say while writing. I listen to music without lyrics.

D.P- Do you have a writing routine?
R.V.- I used, I need it back again. My life has been abhorrently disruptive of late. I used to write 2k a day without a break.

D.P- Beach or woods?
R.V.- Beach

D.P- Coffee or tea or something else?
R.V.- Tea

D.P- Share a guilty pleasure with us.
R.V.- I like lying down to day dream a lot.

D.P- Cake or pie?
R.V.- Yes

D.P- Breakfast, brunch, or lunch?
R.V.- Yes.

D.P- Who is your favorite TV or movie character and why?
R.V.- TV, animated batman, or, John Constantine. Movie, I honestly don’t know. And, why? Because animated batman…nuff said.

D.P- Who is your favorite character of all time and why?
R.V.- Batman. He’s a normal man who’s pushed himself to be the absolute best. Speaks dozens of languages, mastered so many martial arts, is a genius level person and a polymath having studied nearly every discipline known to man.

D.P- What’s the scariest thing your villain of choice has done?
R.V.- Clichéd, but, trying to end the world. Think about that for a second and what it entails. It’s comical because of how much it’s been done…but trying to end all life on the Earth!? That’s terrifying and cold.

D.P- What’s the funniest book you’ve read and why?
R.V.- Spiderman comics.

D.P- What’s the food or drink you always tell other people to try?
R.V.- Bubble tea, taro slush with bobba

D.P- What book do you recommend the most?
R.V.- The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

D.P- Where is the one place you think everyone should go?
R.V.- To bed 😉

D.P- Who is one person you’d like to meet from any point in history and why?
R.V.- Tesla, honestly, I don’t know why, I just do.

D.P- Which genres do you write and what’s your favorite one?
R.V.- I write most genre fiction, but urban fantasy is my favorite.

D.P- What do you do if you see your idea has already been done?
R.V.- Do it anyways. No one can do it like you can.

D.P- What’s the best advice you’ve gotten about writing?
R.V.- Write anyways.

D.P- Tell us about your plans or ideas for a new-to-you genre in the future.
R.V.-  Finish my current novel. At the moment my life’s so stressing I can’t think past that.

R.R. Virdi has a YouTube channel where he talks about writing, does what we like to call “the motivates.” and plays video games. Here he is unboxing the hardcover version of Dangerous Ways!

D.R. Perry lives in Rhode Island and attends Dragon Con each year. She is also a member of the Association of Rhode Island Authors (ARIA).

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